Decking Sheet

Decking sheets are trapezoidal profiled, galvanised steel sheets that can be used as a structural base layer for a flat roof or double skin metal roof systems.
Decking sheets can be fitted to lightweight purlins or sheeting rails. Their structural design and heavy gauge allows for large spans, so can be fitted directly to the main building portal. These methods of fixing will not only help brace the building but will help make significant savings on material labour costs by reducing the amount of structural steelwork needed, and minimising associated labour costs.
The increased desire for an uncluttered internal appearance of the roof space has allowed forward thinking architects and roofing contractors to use decking sheets on a variety of building projects both large and small. Decking Sheet Can be used in many places like

  •    Industrial buildings
  •   Multi-story buildings
  •   Supermarkets / malls
  •   Storage sites
  •   Mezzanine Building
  •   Ware Houses
  •   Walkways
  •   Platforms

RSB Decking Sheet - 44/130

Description Dimension (mm)
Depth(d) 44
Pitch(p) 130
Overall width 960
Covered Width 910
Thickness 0.80 - 1.8